Semalt Expert – SEO Experts You Need To Win A Competition

Which SEO do you know? For most people, there's only one. But in actual sense search engine optimization can be categorized into different branches. As a matter of fact, the difference between these subcategories can go a long way in helping you understand what your website needs for better ranking. Keep in mind that you'll need all types of SEO as each is important in its own unique way.

Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, defines the SEO experts you need to rub shoulders with.

The on-page expert

This is the go-to guy when you need to strike a balance between on page content, site structure and the HTML aspect of the website. When you engage this person, your content will be solid, comprehensive and informative not to mention the ideal formatting that becomes evident. To add on this, the on-page expert incorporates sound URL structure plus high quality inbound and outbound links. Obviously, the guy will easily assess your website's weaknesses and strengths with a simple audit.

The off-page expert

Ask the off-page SEO expert about quality links and he/she will tell you that these are a few. Nonetheless, through their expertise, they'll still get them for you. Better yet, they can even figure out where the competition is getting these links from. As if that wasn't good enough, the off-page SEO expert will leverage your social media accounts to do the work for you. To them, if your site isn't being seen then they're not doing their job right.

The content guru

Call him the wordsmith or keyboard warrior if you like. They just have a knack for making words do the talking. While you can technically think of them as on-page SEO experts because they obviously come up with fresh, informative content, they spend hours and hours identifying the ideal keywords to base their content on. Regardless of which niche you are operating on, this guru will always deliver.

The technical SEO expert

Google and other search engines periodically release search algorithms which change the SEO game. When such an update is announced, you'd need the technical SEO expert on your side. If (God forbid) your website is affected by the latest Google algorithm, it can plummet from the first page of a search result, and it will take ages to recover and get back to the first page. This is where the technical SEO expert comes to your rescue. They'll help you rank high for competitive keywords resulting in more conversions and sales. You can count on them to make your website foolproof from impeding algorithms by search engines.

The analytics guy

The analytics guy is that expert who spends hours going through the data provided or collected from different web monitoring tools. When your website's ranking for a certain keyword drops or when an algorithm is applied, it is the analytic experts who know what happened and what needs to be remedied.

As you have noticed SEO is a team effort. When a team of experts puts the heads together, fireworks is eminent. The strengths are combined and weaknesses negated.

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